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Discover Balanced Skin Care with OVANG

OVANG epitomizes balanced skin care, blending Asian 'Obangsaek' traditions with modern science. Designed for women aged 25-29, our range, including Bakuchiol Skin Repair Cream and Bamboo Charcoal Toner Pad, focuses on effective, natural ingredients. Founded by Lee So-jung, OVANG emphasizes ethical practices and simplicity in skincare. Our mission is to rejuvenate skin health without harmful substances. Join the OVANG journey for a harmonious, balanced skin care experience that nurtures and revitalizes.

Experience OVANG's Balanced Skin Care Routine

Embrace the essence of balanced skin care with OVANG's innovative take on the K-beauty routine. We've distilled the often complex and multi-step Korean skincare process into a simpler, yet equally effective regimen. By focusing on essential, high-impact steps, OVANG ensures that each aspect of your skincare routine contributes meaningfully to your skin's health and balance. Our approach guarantees not just ease and convenience but also superior skincare results. Discover how OVANG redefines balanced skin care with a streamlined K-beauty routine that delivers optimal results without the complexity.