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About Ovang

Ovang’s skincare is a harmonious blend of traditional Korean wisdom and modern skincare science. Our products are crafted through the synergy of natural elements and science, where we balance the skin's innate beauty amidst the demands of a busy society.

Founder Story

We understand the trust you place in us by choosing Ovang. With a background in the fast-paced Korean corporate world, I’ve faced the skincare challenges that come with stress and imbalance firsthand. That experience led me to create Ovang.


Ovang stands for balance—east (wood), west (gold), south (fire), north (water), and center (earth). It’s for anyone seeking harmony in life and skincare.


Our mission? Simple, effective skincare for the sensitive and busy. We use nature's five elements and quality botanicals to tackle sensitive skin, breakouts, signs of aging, and more. Our goal is to make your skincare routine easy but powerful, giving you the results you need.


Why Ovang? Real results, minimal effort. Designed for the busy, sensitive skin individual, our products aim to simplify your routine while delivering the balance and rejuvenation your skin deserves.

Don’t miss out on your exclusive offer. Welcome to Ovang - where simplicity meets efficacy.

Sojung Julia Lee / CEO

Our Story

Why we began our journey?

Our journey began with a thank-you note from a customer whose eczema found relief with our Bakuchiol Moisture Cream. That moment lit the way to our passion for “sensitive skin,” leading to the creation of Ovang. At the heart of Ovang is the belief in balance and harmony, key to managing sensitive skin. Our packaging, inspired by the “Five Directions” colors, celebrates traditional Korean beauty, blending it seamlessly with modern skincare science. Proudly produced in Korea, Ovang is at the forefront of the K-Beauty wave, showcasing the country’s leadership in cosmetic innovation.


Tradition X Innovation 

Ovang leads the charge in waterless skincare, a revolutionary step that rethinks traditional formulations. By focusing on potent, natural extracts and eschewing the common use of high water concentrations, our products offer concentrated benefits.

Shocking Before and After

Experience the undeniable "wow" factor with Ovang. Our innovations are at the cutting edge, designed to set new standards in skincare efficacy. Prepare for visible, transformative results that redefine what you expect from your skincare regimen.

Dermatologist Approved & Sensitive-Skin Friendly

We prioritize your skin's health and safety. Every Ovang product is dermatologist tested and has received a "no irritation" rating from the prestigious Korean Dermatological Research Institute. Trust in skincare that is effective, safe, and approved by skin experts.

Beyond the "Suspicious 6"

By choosing to exclude added essential oils, alcohol, silicones, chemical sunscreens, fragrances & dyes, and sodium lauryl sulfate—collectively known as the "Suspicious 6"—we ensure our formulations are kind and effective, even for the most sensitive of skins. Our commitment transcends the mere absence of fragrance; it is a comprehensive approach to skincare, creating solutions devoid of any ingredients that could pose harm to your skin or the environment.

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